Faribault Correctional Facility

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What a powerful time of ministry with Mike Shea, author of Serenity Devotional and New Day, New Me in Faribault Correctional Facility.  Spending 7 hours behind the walls, we gave out over 200 copies of our books, shared the vision of Serenity Village Community Church, and demonstrated the love of God through sharing our time and testimonies.  God is so good and the Gospel is powerful!! You can learn more about our Prison Tour here.  

June 5, 2018 – Serenity Village

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I was able to giveaway 309 copies of “Break Out” tonight and share a very special message titled “Break Out” at Serenity Village Community Church.   As the Associate Pastor of this amazing church, for me this was especially meaningful.  I thank God for this opportunity and honor to serve at such an amazing place.  Pray with me that these copies will impact even more than 309 families, and that major fruit would come to every … Read More

Sanford Teen Challenge

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The image above is provided by the Teen Challenge Southeast Region Orlando, and was taken in Sanford, Florida at an event on April 13th.  I cannot deny the doors God opens anywhere and anytime – thank you Teen Challenge for investing in me.  I will always give back to you. We gave away copies of Break Out at this event, and that’s just one of many places they are going.  We are sending cases of … Read More

Faith Like A Child

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As I looked back in the rear view mirror while driving, I saw my daughter Annabelle sitting and reading my book, looking at pictures. She was describing words and I was explaining. What came to mind was the innocence of a child. The love of a child. And the generation rising up, right now, in desperate need of Jesus. I was able to share the “G” rated version of my story, and she was happy … Read More

Brainerd, MN Outreach Events (March 15-16, 2018)

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Our Break Out Book Outreach reached over 200 Teen Challenge staff, students and alumni in Brainerd, MN on March 15-16 2018.  Many of these staff, students and alumni picked up an extra copy for their loved ones and friends, so I estimate that over 200 families will be impacted with the Love of God through this special ministry tool. Not to mention we had three powerful services ministering to the students, and I shared a … Read More

Back in Jail…and Loving It

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On March 14th 2018, I was able to go into the jail where I was once incarcerated back in October 2004.  I was able to share a message titled “What Are You gaining?”  And the question I posed to the men was, what are you gaining that’s causing you to lose everything?  It was a powerful message, and the men were impacted. I was able to do a special book signing inside of the jail … Read More

A Book for the Non-Reader

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Go figure! A book for the “non-reader.” The reality is, I never fully read a book until I wrote my own and had to proof-read it. The person I envisioned reading this, is the one who doesn’t like to read (not limited to this of course). Guess what? That’s who is reading it. One book reaches an entire family. What we see happen, is a shift take place in the heart of our readers and … Read More

Duluth, MN Outreach Events (Jan 25-26, 2018)

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150 copies of Break Out were given away (hand delivered) in Duluth, Minnesota in just 24 hours. Not only that, but the message and hope of Jesus was shared as well. As we give away books, the Gospel is demonstrated. We spend time with the recipient, and we see, firsthand, lives being impacted for eternity. With your ongoing partnership and sacrifice this is possible, and we are thankful. Thank you. • All staff and students … Read More

Book Party at Northshore Pizza & Coffee House

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Our entire family traveled up together to hold a book party with Luke and Marita Klevgaard at their business Northshore Pizza and Coffee House. Their hospitality and generosity were matchless and the book party was highly enjoyed by everyone who participated. As we gave out books to people from all walks of life the excitement built minute by minute. A local bartender, a young woman struggling with opioid addiction, many families coming together purchasing multiple … Read More