Adult & Teen Challenge USA

Substance abuse recovery programs for youth and adults

Sober Living Serenity Homes

Transitional housing in a supportive, Christian environment

Christian Counseling by Russell H.

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"Break Out" by Jed Lindstrom

Jed's conversion proves there is hope for those who are mired in the darkest torment of drug alcohol addiction. And that hope lies in Jesus Christ.

"New Day, New Me" by Mike Shea

Devotional journal designed to help those in recovery - and everyone is in recovery from something - develop, strengthen, or renew a relationship with God.

"Serenity: Meditations of Acceptance, Courage, and Wisdom" by Mike Shea

Daily devotional book designed to welcome readers into the loving arms of the Father.

"From Heroin to Heaven" by Mariah Noelle Freeman

The raw and honest collection of entries from an addicted, bipolar mind who finds the way out... once and for all.

"My Forever" by Haley Borgen

Haley is a bright woman full of light and love. Explosive with energy and care when it comes to people, Haley has recently become a book courier sharing Break Out with her friends and family. Please get a copy of Haley's book by following the link and be blessed in Jesus name!