About Jed Lindstrom

Let’s Go Ministry founder and director, evangelist Jed Lindstrom, is best known for his creativity and boldness while ministering the gospel in some of the darkest places of the world. The vision of Let’s Go Ministry to take the gospel to the “No-Go Places” was given to Jed in 2006.

Break Out: A Criminal's Journey to Eternal Freedom

By age fifteen, Jed Lindstrom had more money running through his hands than most kids his age, but it was all dirty money.

He stole. He dealt drugs. He loved the lifestyle-and all its perks. But something nibbled at the edge of his mind.

Break Out is the story of how Jed left behind the unfulfilling life of drugs and crime to become a bold evangelist. As Founder and Director of Lets Go Ministry, he mobilizes churches and ministries all over the world, and preaches in prisons, on the streets, and in drug rehab facilities.

Jed's conversion proves there is hope for those who are mired in the darkest torment of drug and alcohol addiction. And that hope lies in Jesus Christ.

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