Event Highlights

October 28, 2017 - Book Party at Northshore Pizza and Coffee House

Our entire family traveled up together to hold a book party with Luke and Marita Klevgaard at their business Northshore Pizza and Coffee House. Their hospitality and generosity were matchless and the book party was highly enjoyed by everyone who participated.

As we gave out books to people from all walks of life the excitement built minute by minute. A local bartender, a young woman struggling with opioid addiction, many families coming together purchasing multiple books for their loved ones and hearing a message of hope and freedom. Everyone who came received a personalized copy, a heart-changing prayer and a word of encouragement.

Jesus was the center of this all, and we give God all the glory! Being able to share my story here, and book was absolutely life-changing. Amen! So thankful for what God has done here, and excited for what’s to come. Learn more at www.jedsbook.com.

Thank you Northshore Pizza and Coffee House for hosting us!

– Jed Lindstrom