Break Out to Break In

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Buy a copy and Write a review I ONLY NEED 38 MORE PEOPLE TO HELP ME. I AM VERY GRATEFUL FOR YOUR SUPPORT – Jed Lindstrom I am in the process of writing my second book titled “Break In”. Linking directly to my first book “Break Out”. As many of you know I have been giving the book away freely (over 8k copies to be exact) in prisons, streets, rehab facilities, broken families and many … Read More

“My Forever” Book Recommendation

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Haley is a bright woman full of light and love.  Explosive with energy and care when it comes to people, Haley has recently become a book courier sharing Break Out with her friends and family.  Please get a copy of Haley’s book “My Forever” here and be blessed in Jesus name!  You can learn more about Haley and her ministry at

A Book for the Non-Reader

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Go figure! A book for the “non-reader.” The reality is, I never fully read a book until I wrote my own and had to proof-read it. The person I envisioned reading this, is the one who doesn’t like to read (not limited to this of course). Guess what? That’s who is reading it. One book reaches an entire family. What we see happen, is a shift take place in the heart of our readers and … Read More