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Welcome to Let’s Go Ministry. Led by Jed Lindstrom, a gifted evangelist who has traveled extensively through the United States, Israel, Colombia, Puerto Rico, Germany and Zambia Africa  bringing the Gospel message of Freedom through the Love of Jesus Christ and the power of the Holy Spirit. Through demonstrating Gods love we have seen miracles follow the ministry - salvation, healing and deliverance from demonic strongholds how amazing is our God! As you browse our site, you will learn more about the power of God in Jed’s journey and how he and his team have influenced many in an ever changing world. A lifestyle in love with Jesus and being obedient to the Great Commission.

BreakBreak Out Out:

A Criminal's Journey to Eternal Freedom

Jed Lindstrom's new book "Break Out" is now available for Pre-Order!  Orders will begin shipping in mid-October, but you can begin reading the first chapter today for free over at the book's site!

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Our Mission

The mission of Let’s Go Ministry is to boldly, creatively, and compassionately bring
the message of Jesus Christ to the lost and equip believers to do the same in their
everyday lives.

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy of ministry is based on what we read of Jesus doing in the Gospels: taking time for the one, as well as preaching to the crowds. Whether ministering on the streets, in churches, or running errands in our daily lives, we seek to meet the spiritual and physical needs of the individuals we encounter. Sharing the gospel and seeing people come to Christ is Let’s Go Ministry’s (LGM) top priority, but in the spirit of James 2:15-16, we also feel it is important to care for physical needs as we are able and led by the Spirit. Therefore, we try to provide things such as food, water, and clothing when ministering, depending on individual needs and circumstances, as well as helping connect people to needed services, such as drug and alcohol recovery programs.

In addition to LGM’s heavy emphasis on one-on-one ministry, we believe the Lord has called us to bring the gospel to the multitudes through strategic outreaches and large-scale evangelism campaigns in partnership with local churches. Evangelist Jed Lindstrom, LGM’s founder and director, believes one of his primary roles is “…The equipping of the saints for the work of ministry…” (Ephesians 4:12, NKJV). Therefore, we provide believers with outreach experiences and evangelism training opportunities to prepare them to effectively reach the lost in their communities and beyond.

LGM seeks to partner with churches and ministries that are committed to the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We are not a church-planting ministry; rather, we desire to build the Church by working with the body of Christ locally, nationally, and internationally in winning new believers. These new believers will worship God and become true disciples within existing local churches.

It is the conviction of Let’s Go Ministry leadership that decisions—both small and large—must be made under the direction of the Holy Spirit. Because of this conviction, we continually pray for God’s wisdom, discernment, and leading for our day-to-day and long-range planning. We believe it is crucial to remain flexible and open, so that the Lord can change our plans or send us out as needed on a moment’s notice. We know that our ministry will have zero eternal impact unless the Lord moves on both our hearts and the hearts of those we are ministering to. At LGM, we believe for and expect the Lord to move in power during times of ministry, bringing salvation, deliverance, healing, and miracles and releasing gifts of the Spirit in our midst.

Above all else, we believe the Lord expects His people to grow in love, grace, and the fruit of the Spirit as they seek to fulfill His calling on their lives. Ministers of the gospel must remain humble, never detracting from the Lord’s glory or bringing undo attention to themselves. To the best of our ability, LGM’s leadership remains accountable to one another in trying to maintain a godly standard of life and ministry.