A Book for the Non-Reader

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Go figure! A book for the “non-reader.” The reality is, I never fully read a book until I wrote my own and had to proof-read it. The person I envisioned reading this, is the one who doesn’t like to read (not limited to this of course). Guess what? That’s who is reading it. One book reaches an entire family. What we see happen, is a shift take place in the heart of our readers and … Read More

Duluth, MN Outreach Events (Jan 25-26, 2018)

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150 copies of Break Out were given away (hand delivered) in Duluth, Minnesota in just 24 hours. Not only that, but the message and hope of Jesus was shared as well. As we give away books, the Gospel is demonstrated. We spend time with the recipient, and we see, firsthand, lives being impacted for eternity. With your ongoing partnership and sacrifice this is possible, and we are thankful. Thank you. • All staff and students … Read More